Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Plantation Drive at Aarey Colony !!!

Land of plantation
Trees are one of the main components of environment which help in balancing the ecosystem as a whole. Unwanted cutting of trees and deforestation are harming our climate and ecosystem to a large extent. The effect can clearly been seen by gradual increase in the global temperature and thus this is a global concern. Thus, plantation of trees is a crying need of the time.
To mitigate the effects of deforestation Green Health Foundation conducted a tree plantation drive in association with NAATA Foundation in the Village zone of Aarey Colony, Mumbai on 11th July, 2015, with help of volunteers from Sandesh College, Vikhroli and Royal College, Mira Road
One day prior to the plantation activity, GHF along with volunteers carried out digging of holes for plants. On 11th July 2015, plantation mainly fruiting plants was carried out so as to provide the villagers with employment and also an added incentive to care for plants. Also the plants would increase the green cover of the city. Along with the fruiting plants some non-fruiting plants too were planted. A total of 70 plants were planted on the day.
After the completion of the plantation drive the members of NAATA Foundation and Rotary Club of Bombay, Film City were given a token of appreciation in the form of Thank you letter for being present in the plantation drive and improving the tree cover of the city and supporting GHF. As a token of appreciation they were also provided with a Tulsi sapling. The volunteers were provided with certificates for participating in the plantation Drive.
Numerous plantation drives take place along the year but due to lack of understanding of the importance of green cover, many of the planted friends die. Hence GHF planted fruit plants so as to balance the environmental damage as well as provide fruits to villagers which would be the incentive for them to care.
GHF will be making frequent visits to the place to keep a check on plant health and will try its best to sustain the green cover spread by us. We look forward to create a more greener and sustainable appearance to the planet. We wish to ReGreen everything!!!

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