Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Who is the God ?

‘Religare’ , a word from Latin means “To Bind”, which evolved to ‘Religio’ to mean something which is a bond and something which someone Oblige to do. Thus evolved the word Religion. Religion further evolved to Ideas. Ideas of some people which convinced others and people decided to take those set of Ideas, Stories and Facts as a common ground for standing together and celebrating!
Different people, different Ideas, different goals, different religions! All Standing tall in their own beauty!

But its not just Ideas which bind us together. A common fact binds us all since the very begining. Not only humans, but even beings who don't communicate with us. The Friendly ones and also the beasts. That Eternal fact which we celebrate daily knowingly or unknowingly! The Fact that we are on the Planet which supports us for Life, and an environment which allows us to be alive to the fullest of human capabilities. That's something to be thankful of! That's the religion we celebrate even by just waking up to life and by evolving generation by generation, race by race. That's a religion we are passively part of.

The gods of this Religion are forces which we interact with and which make us alive. They support our life. Oxygen to breathe, Land to be sure that it will keep us supported, Water to keep us hydrated, air to make sure that we when we speak, our voice reaches to our loved ones! They have been our Gods for so long that we have been unconscious and unappreciative towards their role in our development and existance.

This unappreciative nature of us humans have really compromised our celebrations towards the nature. The trouble in breathing, the sliding of lands, the poisonous water and the diseases in air are now news of our daily life and not unheard of. On the name of progress and higher goals, we ignore the harm done to the environment and choose to be blind towards the environment.

We do it on our daily basis. From spitting on the streets to throwing a wrapper on the bench, we all contribute very minorly to this harm which multiplied by each individuals of earth makes it a huge mess for the whole Eco system to process. The supporter of our lives is now no more able to support us, making survival more and more difficult for the coming generations. Just by being a mere spectator to this change makes us equal criminals. Our homes are spic and span with no piece of dust on top of our expensive gadgets, but we forget to search for the garbage bin when we come outside of the house, not realizing that the asset of the Clean and Green Earth is Priceless and the consequences are much more expensive for the whole planet.

The Planet can be saved, the religion of environment can be protected. All we need is a Start. A Start from our mentality. The realization that solutions exist to the waste problem and we can solve it by just being creative is a good First step. Small steps like kitchen gardening , waste segregation, conserving water, planting trees and so on take us a long way. Understanding that the waste to someone can be a treasure to another being of the ecosystem can reduce the problem of Solid Waste to a great level.

Above all, the understanding that one is Important and make up the entity of the Eco System is the most important belief needed in the present day scenario. The want to change and save nature will find its way in making a better environment and shall make the day after tomorrow worth living


Article contributed by
Nishchal Dwivedi:

A Young nature sensitive science enthusiast who believes in logically understanding the environment and communicating it simply to everyone around him with help of articles, cartoons and contribution in various blogs.
He is an explorer of Ornithology and Biodiversity. He implements his knowledge in physics in understanding these varied branches of Environment.

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